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The part of real estate construction (whether it is privately owned by purchase or consideration, or by third parties) is the main axis in which our company has been active since 1998. First we start with the necessary checks (legal, urban planning) of the property. We continue with the study and design of the project and in cooperation with suitable and experienced crews we proceed with its implementation and supervision.

Always in collaboration with the customer, we propose innovative solutions using the best materials combined with your needs.



The gkc team undertakes both residential and commercial/turnkey renovations. Our main goal is the implementation of each project based on your own needs.

In cooperation with you, you present us your preferences and we design by offering innovative ideas and construction solutions based on your own data. Then our team, in collaboration with our specialized and experienced crews, organizes and coordinates all the necessary work so that the project is implemented correctly and in the predetermined time.



After the design of the project follows the process of construction or renovation. In the construction/renovation of the project, there is also one of the most important stages, that of supervising the work. The supervision of the project is carried out by specialized and experienced engineers of our company in order to complete the project correctly and efficiently within the specific schedule and the agreed budget.